Drop in meditation class – guided in English


Wednesday 7pm – 8.30pm

Everyone welcome to attend this class in person at the centre. Pre-booking is possible but no longer required.

These general Programme classes are open to anyone interested in meditation and solving our human problems from the side of our own mind.

Each evening offers the opportunity to follow guided meditations and listen to a teaching on how to practically improve our mind to find real happiness in our daily life.

The teachings are based on the books of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who presents the ancient wisdom of Buddha in a modern day presentation, suitable for us to understand and practice.

The classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, and emphasise how to use meditation and subsequent practices amidst the busyness of modern, daily life.  The union of Buddha’s teachings and our daily life is the essence of Kadampa Buddhism.

At the end of the class there is time for discussion and questions.

You will go relaxed and inspired into the rest of your week.

Join us. Everyone is welcome!


Kadampa Meditationszentrum München
Rumfordstraße 1, Rgb
80469 München


suitable for beginners and others


single class: 10.-  Euro

4-class card: 32.- Euro ( use within 6 month )

Centre monthly membership (35.-Euro): included in the membership

healing the heart


October 5 | 12 | 26

with Gen Khandro

About these classes:

Although we always strive for happiness in our close relationships, so many of those relationships are fraught with too much of the opposite: Unhappiness. According to the Buddha, this is because we often confuse desirous attachment with love. Desirous attachment is a deluded, unpeaceful state of mind that sees other people as our source of happiness and consequently expects those people to make us happy. But this is a great deception! Happiness does not come from other people. It comes from our own mind. Desirous attachment undermines our love for family, friends and others, makes these relationships mundane and always brings us into discontent and conflict.

In these 3 evenings, we will learn how to recognize and reduce our desirous attachment – and replace it with authentic love that actually brings out pure happiness.

You can join these classes anytime.