Drop in meditation class – guided in English

During the time of centre closure we will not offer classes guided in English.

We will be happy to connect you to a centre that offers online classes in your language.
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These general Programme classes are open to anyone interested in meditation and solving our human problems from the side of our own mind.

Each evening offers the opportunity to follow guided meditations and listen to a teaching on how to practically improve our mind to find real happiness in our daily life.

The teachings are based on the books of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who presents the ancient wisdom of Buddha in a modern day presentation, suitable for us to understand and practice.

At the end of the class there is time for discussion and questions.

You will go relaxed and inspired into the rest of your week.

Everyone is welcome!

  • Teacher

    Gen Kelsang Khandro is the resident teacher of KMC Munich. She has been studying and practicing within the New Kadampa Tradition for 20 years. Currently she continues to study on the Special Teacher Training Programme and the Intensive Teacher Training Programme of the NKT-IKBU. She enjoys very much to share her understanding & experience of Buddhas teachings as true and effective solutions to our everyday challenges and problems.

  • When

    Wednesday • 7pm-8.30pm

  • Level

    great for everyone

  • Language


  • Class fees

    Single class: 10€
    4 Class Card: 32€ (please use within 6 month)
    KMCM Centre card: free

Beautiful minds – strong minds

How wonderful it would be to have Bodhisattvas appear in this modern world!

– Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

About these classes

A bodhisattva – a great being – is a person with a great compassionate intention. He or she understands that real change for the better for all living beings begins and is completed in our own mind.

A Bodhisattva wishes to fully realize his or her human potential for the benefit of others and therefore practices the „6 Perfections“ – Giving – Discipline – Patience – Effort – Concentration – & Wisdom. This makes life deeply meaningful, happy and fulfilling.

Following the training of a Bodhisattva, we will be able to improve our mindfulness, our good heart, and our ability to remain confident, happy  and peaceful even if we face some difficulties and obstacles.

Our mind will become clearer, stronger, and more beautiful. We will gradually understand why these six trainings can fulfil our own wishes for happiness as well as the wishes of all living beings

Gen Khandro will explain these mental trainings in the General Program, lead meditations and give a mindfulness practice for everyday life.


January 13 | 20 | 27 — From giving comes wealth

February 03 | 10 | 17 — From discipline comes happiness

February 24 | March 03 | 10 — From patience comes beauty

March 24 | 31 | April 07 — From effort comes joy

April 14 | 28 | May 05 — From concentration comes peace

May 12 | 19 | 26 — From wisdom comes freedom